Our clients have chosen to work with us repeatedly because we maximize their return on investment when we list and sell their property.
We know how difficult it is to own and operate rental units.  After many years of hard work investing your time and money into the property, selling the property is your pay-out and you deserve to maximize the profits.

We focus on these four key areas:

1. Property Valuation: Utilizing the best research tools and databases available, we value your property based upon a multitude of criteria including: recent sales comparables, year built (rent controlled or not), location, asset quality, design, capital improvements, financing options (we source financing options from our trusted lender partners), historical performance, current market conditions and future potential.  We also make suggestions for quick changes that can be made to help maximize the value.  For example, certain minor repairs, raising rents if allowed, or cleaning up the property could make a difference in getting maximum value when selling.  We can also help implement any suggestions we offer utilizing our property management division.

2. Marketing Services: We market your property to our large database of qualified buyers that we’ve cultivated over the years.  We market your property on a large array of websites including CoStar, Loopnet, the MLS and many other syndicated sites.  This puts your property in front of thousands of qualified and hungry buyers.

3. Contract Negotiation and Management: One of the most important aspects of generating the maximum price for your property is the strength of the negotiator representing you.  Based on my experience buying and selling companies and many investment properties over the years, I consider my negotiating skills as one of my top value propositions when hiring us to sell your property.  In our experience, most transactions get to a point where it appears that everything in the deal will fall apart.  That is when our years of experience comes into play when creativity is the only way to keep the deal together.   Throughout the escrow process, we ensure that important deadlines are met and that everything happens when it is supposed to happen to get the deal to close in a timely manner.  

4. 1031 Exchanges – Now we have sold your property and you need to find your up-leg to complete your 1031 tax deferred exchange.  Given the higher tax rates these days, it is more important than ever to plan for your tax liability or defer it altogether by completing a 1031 Exchange.  We have a strong track record of finding an exchange property for every client that chooses to complete an exchange.  We have never blown an exchange for any of our clients.  We work with trusted third party accommodators and take the time pressure upon ourselves to ensure we complete your exchange within the tight time frames required by this tax law.  We have structured extremely complex TIC exchanges for clients as well to ensure that they accomplish their objective of deferring taxes.