We specialize in finding value-added investment opportunities in residential income properties. We assist our clients in determining what their risk tolerance level is, which neighborhoods they are most interested in, and what financial criteria matter most to them. Armed with that information we go out into the marketplace to find them investment properties that match their criteria.

Why Invest in Income Properties?

There is enormous freedom that comes with wealth. These investments are some of the most reliable and profitable available to ordinary people like you and me.
Investing in income properties makes you money in these four ways:

1. Positive Cash flow – Makes you money every month while you own it.

2. Appreciation – The value of your property increases, while you make payments on a sale price that remains static.

3. Tax Shelter – Depreciation expense shields you from paying taxes on most of your positive cash flow.

4. Equity Build-up – income from rents pays your mortgage, which reduces your debt each month and increases your equity.

How I work

At first, we sit down and identify your investment criteria.

What is your big picture goal? We look at how much you have to work with, what risk level you are comfortable with, and what area you want to work in.
And then, I get to work.

If you’re new to the whole multi-family unit game, I’ll work with you to get you up to speed on all the aspects that can impact you. There’s a lot to know and you can only make great choices when you are confident with what you know. I’m patient and clear.

If you’ve been in it for awhile, then you will recognize I am a pro. We can accomplish a lot in short conversations. We’ll review property analytics and quickly know what deals we want to go after. A few times a year, we’ll review your portfolio to make certain we’re meeting your benchmarks for success.

If you want me to manage your properties, that is an option too. I go into the Management Services more on this page.