There are two groups of people I help the most:

– Owners with multiple properties (five or more) who know the value of a high performance team.
– Owners with a few properties who value their time.
– I approach management the way I do investments.
– Review your property’s financials and create a strategy for maximizing profit.
– We leave no stone unturned here. There’s money hiding in your building(s) and I know where to find it.
– Take actions to implement the strategy and review progress on a regular basis.
There are two sides to a “successful” property.
– Efficiency and effectiveness in leadership.
– Loyalty and satisfaction in customers.

It really is that simple. When everyone is happy, everyone is happy.
Those are the basics. If you like what you see, let’s talk. I’m easy to work with. If you have questions, let’s talk. I’m committed to getting you answers.


 Fiduciary – We commit to accomplishing your goals as part of your team. Your property will have a separate trust account so that funds are never mixed with other clients.
 Full Profits – We identify the sweet spot of a property and keep it at maximum profitability.
 Reporting – We report consistently and conveniently. If you like paperless, we like you. If you like video conference calls, we’re in.
 First to know – We’ll be the first to tell you what’s coming your way so you can make powerful choices.
 Legal Stuff – We’re experts at managing legal issues that apply to any property based on location, property type, occupants, and we’re equipped to carry out any action that may be necessary.
 Going Green – We can convert your building if you would like. We recently converted 347 apartments to Energy-Efficient Green Apartments with assistance from New York State’s Energy Research and Development Authority. Our primary concern is supporting you in meeting your goals.


 Maximizing Occupancy – We consider “Vacancy” a four letter word.  We are on top of vacancies the minute we receive a notice that a tenant is moving out.  We will try to lease the unit before the previous tenant moves out.  We are experts at leasing and have learned all the tricks to screen and find only the best qualified tenants.
 Rent Collections – We expect all rents in our office on the 1st.  3-day notices are delivered to any delinquent tenant on the 4th and evictions are started promptly as needed.  We manage the whole process.
 Maintenance – We maintain an excellent network of low-cost, high quality, high service maintenance contractors.  We negotiate lower rates than most could get on their own due to our volume of business.
 Accounting and Reporting – Utilizing latest technology in income property accounting (Yardi Voyager software), we input all rent received by unit/tenant and pay all your bills.  You will receive detailed reports showing every income and expense item on a monthly basis (along with your owner draw check).
 Legal Compliance – We have many years experience dealing with all the legal requirements – federal, state or local – that affect managing income properties such as Landlord/Tenant law, Rent Control, housing departments, etc.
• Communication – We believe in constant and effective communication with our clients.  We are always available for any questions, comments or concerns you may have regarding your property.

Most of our new business over the past ten years has been referrals from our happy existing clients. We’re starting to market our services now because we are certain our team delivers superior service and we want our guys working around the clock, and we want our clients to be free to pursue their passions. Now we serve several hundred residential units in Los Angeles County.