My name is Mike and I am the slayer of dead equity. I am an investment specialist particularly in the arena of multifamily buildings (apartment buildings). I work with buyers, sellers, and owners, helping them connect resources with opportunities that they might not see on their own. Over half of the business I do is with repeat clients who just want an expert on their team handling the critical transactions. I make people passive income; more than they could ever make with a job alone. It’s what I do.

I came into this from the business world, primarily the fragrance and beauty sector. I oversaw finance and operations of the company that launched Michael Jordan Cologne. Later, I built an Internet company that sold to Estee Lauder in New York.


I mention all of that because you’ll know in one conversation with me that I run investments like a business. Everything relates to your bottom line. Numbers don’t lie and a good spreadsheet is a work of art. I’m a third generation real estate investor and a second generation real estate broker. It’s in my blood. It’s what I do. In 2002 I was investing in my own properties while working as Chief Operating Officer for a real estate company. During that time we grew the number of units under management from 400 to over 2,000.

I went on to launch Strategic Growth Real Estate as a platform to extend the valuable experiences I’d gained as an investor and property manager to people suffocating under the stress of underutilized ownership. I aim to create new standards in Green Living. I’ve already set a few records and I’m eager to set a few more. I have an extraordinary team. Together we accomplish the amazing. It’s what we do. Outside of that, I love my family, any time I get to spend in Downtown LA, contributing as a member of Young Presidents Organization but most of all, I love putting smiles on peoples faces by putting money in their pockets. Thank you for visiting the website and taking an interest in my passions. It is my sincere commitment to make a real and lasting difference for you.


Hands On

We work from experience, not just theory. We’ve done it all. We’ve drafted multi-million dollar deals, and fixed toilets, sometimes on the same day. We’ve painted apartments and hosted celebrities at open houses. We’ve signed and handed out checks to every vendor knowing their families are healthy, fed, and loved. Everyone matters and we’ve done it all.

Family First

For us, family is a principle, an approach to life. We include our families, those of our team members, and yours as well. We have a large network of trusted friends and partners they’re our family, too. For us the concept of family means putting each other first. Our bonds are indelible, strengthened through honor, commitment and generosity.


We’ve seen that while family is the perfect environment for support, an individual making a difference will flourish. Given the opportunity to impact the community, the environment, our country and world, any person will step up to deliver at a higher level than they had ever imagined possible. Our vision is founded on responsibility. We intentionally work with people who want to be held to account and are willing to hold us to account — it just makes the world work.

Do the Right Thing

We all know a “win-win” when we see one. Try to pull one over on a five-year-old and their B.S. meter sky rockets. And what’s worse, they aren’t sure they can trust you after that. So, it’s really only worth it to respect every party in any deal. Our business model is based on integrity and honesty, being a good friend to our clients, team members, vendors and partners. We aim to be the kind of people others want around them.